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We sell the ORIGINAL 1967 Psychodelic Beatles poster set, which was created by Richard Avedon in 1967. This set was for STERN magazine and we guarantee 100% authenticity. The STERN set is sold as a complete set of 5 posters or can be sold as 4 color with or without the black and white banner included. The poster set is sold "individually" mounted on linen*. They are included in POP ART shows and Museums all over the world and we have participated in both selling and loaning sets to Museums such as: Museum of Fine Arts Montreal, Museum of the Archives of The Hard Rock Cafe Orlando, Museum of the City of Musique Paris, and others: Go to: Museum references below. They were, and still are, an important icon of the 60's. They are in mint condition.

Linen-backing: All the posters have been professionally linen-backed by Museum Trained professionals who mount the posters on fine linen and canson paper. This "base" acts as a support for framing the posters without having to touch any part of the poster in the process. The Art of Linen-backing also preserves the posters against potential tearing and folding and PH friendly glues act to neutralize the effects of oxidation on paper (yellowing). This is what is done with posters of value, and being over 40 years old, the Beatles posters fall in to the category or Antique posters that need preserving. Our backround is in French and Italian Vintage posters from the turn of the century forward, and this is what we do with all our posters.

George harrison
John lennon
ringo starr
paul mccartney
"The Beatles" (Stern set pictured)"
by Richard Avedon - ORIGINAL 1967 - PPP printers
STERN Magazine posters, each image measures 19" x 27"

MORE HISTORY: Many people ask us about the history of when and where these posters were printed. In 1967 The Beatles company "Nems" contracted Richard Avedon to create the design and then gave the distribution rights to different outlets in different countries. The Publications that would handle the distribution were: in the USA "LOOK" magazine where you could order your set with a pullout tab, and send away for your set to come in the mail for $1.50. In England it was the Daily Express Newspaper that handled distribution. In Europe it was "Stern" magazine that distributed the posters and they were sold at Newstands in special presentation boxes like the one pictured below. In has recently come to my attention that there was a Japanese printing as well. All 4 printings were simultaneous in 1967 and there were 4 different printers, one from each country that printed the posters for their respective Publication. The Stern and Daily Express posters were similar in size measuring approx 19" x 27" while the Look version was slightly bigger at 22" x 31". The banner was the same size 14" x 40" in all 3 countries. We have the Stern printing and they are the 1967 printing, not a reprint, but posters we've found and locate for resale. There are no subsequent or later printings that would be considered legitimate, only the 1967 printing is considered the authentic original. The only priniting that will go up in value, is the 1st printing, anything else is not worth more than the decorative face value. Many people ask how many were printed and we have not yet discovered a figure, but one has to assume with the popularity of the Beatles at the height of their fame in 1967, and the add campaign with John Lennon on the cover of 'Look" magazine, they must have printed 10's of thousands. This is not as important as the question of, "how many have survived". People put them up on the walls with scotch tape and many just got thrown away. Who would have thought they would become an important art statement and represented in "Pop Art" museum shows and "1960's" museum shows and "Rock and Roll" museum shows. Happily we've found some and will keep searching for more. Eventually the only ones to surface will be the ones that are "resold" by private collectors, when we can find no more.

Beatles banner poster
"The Beatles Banner"
by Richard Avedon - 1967 - PPP printers for Stern
Stern Magazine measures 14" x 40"

Printers writing at the bottom click for enlargement

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We have sold sets to Museums such as:

National Portrait Gallery, London

An important Museum of Paris "Cite de La Musique Museum" has just acquired
a Beatles by Avedon Set. You can visit the Museum in Paris or Visit their website at

and important collections such as the

The Museum Archives of the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando Florida acquired a set from us
Hard Rock Cafe Museum in Orlando

hard rock cafe

We havd loaned sets to other Museums for shows in the past such as:

museum fine art montreal
For a Exposition Global Village at:


msueum fine art montreal
for their show 'VILLAGE GLOBAL LES ANNEES 60' which will be in Montreal from 2 October 2003 until March 7 (look at invitation to the right)

dallas museum fine arts

Beatles Memorabilia Stores, Beatles memorabilia Collections,
Pop art Collectors, and the list keeps growing.

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john lennon look cover
Cover and pullout order "tab" from "LOOK" magazine 1967

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beatles poster box
Original Presentation Box for STERN. Set's were sold in Stores and Newstands in 1967.
Each set was rolled and plastified (not ours) , but sold as a complete set of 5 posters.

beatles pompidou article
4 pages from an article in a French magazine, reviewing the "Pop Art" show
2001 at the "Pompidou Center Beaubourg" in Paris. The Jasper Johns Flag
and the 'George' poster are the 2 largest images.

*What is linen-backing and why put posters on linen.

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